Al Gore Tries to Tie Australian Floods to Global Warming

I thought Al Gore had so marginalized himself that he had been put out to pasture. Apparently not.

From the Washington Times:

There are those on the left who look at tragedy and spot opportunity. Such is the case with terrible flooding that struck Australia last week, killing at least 22. On Tuesday, former Vice President Al Goreasserted that the root cause of the destruction was not torrential rain, but mankind. “As the earth warms, scientists tell us that we will see more and more extreme weather conditions,” Mr. Gore wrote on his blog, citing an ABC News report on the disaster. “Each of these occurrences further underscore [sic] why we need to take immediate action to solve the climate crisis.”

Waters topped 14 feet in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, forcing most residents to flee Katrina-style destruction. The few who remained used canoes and boats to float down the middle of what would ordinarily be the busy streets of a thriving metropolis. The deluge provided a steady stream of grim images for international television news crews on the scene, inspiring Mr. Gore to imply that last week’s devastation has been so unprecedented that only mankind could be responsible.

Except there’s nothing unprecedented about what happened down under.

Read the rest here: Al’s Missing Link



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