Obama Appoints a Fox to Guard the Henhouse

President Obama appointed GE Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt to lead an initiative on jobs and US competitiveness. This fox, Immelt, has been raiding the US henhouse of jobs for years by moving GE operations and facilities overseas.

Consider that GE paid no corporate taxes to the US last year, claiming a loss of $408 million from its US operations and a $10.8 billion profit from its international dealings. Immelt seems to be an expert in making profits overseas but he has been failing in the US. This “expertise” in US business failure is being tapped by Obama to prove to all that he is not anti-business. Perhaps he’s just anti-US-business.

GE received billions in bailout money from the Obama administration. In return, GE is investing $2 billion in China, creating over 1000 overseas jobs there, as it continues to shift production from US to China. Dovetailing nicely (and suspiciously) with Obama’s kowtowing to China, GE is partnering with China to develop and market avionics systems for commercial aircraft. Combined with GE’s recent partnership with China for jet engines, high tech jobs are being handed over along with technical expertise – to a country that is not considered friendly to the US.

GE also invested $3 million in an offshore GE Oil & Gas testing facility in Poland as it proceeds to close down its GE Oil & Gas facility in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. (GE Oil & Gas business is headquartered in Florence, Italy.) Light bulbs, a once-famous GE product, will no longer be made in the US as GE is closing one of the last remaining light bulb manufacturing plants in the US.

It is unclear what message Obama believes he is sending to the business community with Immelt’s appointment. What is clear, however, is that Immelt has been contributing heavily to US unemployment by callously shipping jobs and manufacturing out of the country. Bringing him in to help US jobs and competitiveness is nothing less than asking a fox to protect a hen.

David J. Hentosh


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