Send President Obama Your Questions Via Twitter or YouTube

The president, ever trying to be accommodating, will answer questions after the State of the Union, and the president will respond to a “selection” of questions on Thursday.

Submit your questions either on YouTube or on Twitter, using the hashtag  identifier: #askobama

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, you can at @jeffersonclub. (It’s free to join at

Seattle Post-Intelligencer has the details. A question for the president


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3 Responses to “Send President Obama Your Questions Via Twitter or YouTube”

  1. Mona Says:

    Obama the hypocrite liar

    Unless the white house provides proper evidence, my view will stay firm on this.
    I’m pleased to stand up to what I said before…… (The whole story is a fabrication from the white house).
    You made the story up to win the coming election!!!!!

    Rest removed by TJC blog staff due to threatening rant.

  2. Bill Pisciotto Says:

    Mr. President,
    Why havent you reinstated the New home buyers tax credit ?
    The housing industry is in a shambles…After the BILLION dollar bialouts it seems like the right thing todo…Thanks and GOD Bless..

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