TIME Magazine Scoffs at Terrorist Threat

TIME magazine’s editor-at-large, Romesh Ratnesar, does his best to downplay threats in the US from Jihadist terrorism. In doing so, he redefines terrorism and recent attacks to fit his politically correct ideology. He is following the far left’s consistent attempt to repeat wishful thinking as fact in order to sway public opinion. In this attempt, however, Ratnesar makes a fool of himself and NewsBusters is on his case.

From NewsBusters

Among the article’s (TIME magazine’s Romesh Ratnesar’s article) highlights: the Fort Hood massacre wasn’t actually terrorism and is therefore irrelevant to any discussion of Jihadist violence; most American Muslims are opposed to Jihadism and therefore the few who do endorse the ideology are not really a threat; and because recent terrorist attacks have failed, there is not a serious threat of future attacks…

That is some extremely sloppy arguing…Ratnesar’s semantic claim that the Fort Hood shooting was not terrorism does not dispute that the shooter was motivated by radical Islam…domestic Jihadists…are not concerned with how we define “terrorism.” They are concerned with folks like Nidal Hasan, who yell “Allahu Akbar” as they open fire.

The implication here is that because a number of Islamic terrorists have failed to carry out their plots, Islamic terrorists will, because they are apparently all feckless, always fail to carry out their plots. That is of course an absurd claim…

The point also ignores acts of Jihadist violence (I hesitate to use the word “terrorism” so as not to offend Ratnesar’s hair-splitting definition) that have been successfully carried out, including the Fort Hood shooting and the bombing of a military recruitment center in Little Rock, Ark.

Read NewsBuster’s analysis here: Astoundingly Illogical Argument



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