Think Grocery Prices Are Going Up? Here’s the Proof

Have you checked out

One of the things they’re doing is monitoring inflation–not the numbers the government is doling out, but a real number that counts groceries and gas, two things the government numbers don’t include.

They found  inflation has risen 1.9% in the last eight weeks.

A few highlights:

  • 25 of 36 items tracked increased, on average, in price over the eight weeks, while five items stayed about flat. The average price of six items trended down slightly over the eight weeks.
  • All four Dairy items: Milk, Butter, Eggs, and Cheese, have increased between 3.9% and 5.7% in the last eight weeks.
  • Vegetable Oil has increased the most, 11% in the last eight weeks.
  • Toilet Paper has increased on average 6.4%.
  • Regular Gasoline has increased 7.4% from $2.84 in Week 1 of the study to $3.06 in Week 8.
  • The Average Total for the items tracked in the study has trended upward over the study so far, increasing $116.14 to $118.40, or 1.9% in eight weeks.


Check out, and sign up to participate in the inflation survey:



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