Senator Casey Wants to Change the Rules

Senator Bob Casey (D, PA) wants to change the rules. Apparently things were working just swimmingly for the Senator while the Democrats held the Presidency, a majority in the House and a super-majority in the Senate.

But now — not so much.

Now that the Democrats have lost the super-majority (60 senators) he says that “partisan gridlock is out of control,” (was he in Washington for the last two years–granted it wasn’t gridlock, more like a runaway train) and wants to make five rule changes.

He says:

In a noted conversation between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Washington explained the creation of the Senate by saying “we pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it.” Because of abuse of rules in the intervening time, the Senate has unfortunately become less like a saucer and more like a boiling kettle.

Then goes on to describe how the Republicans delayed a bill. Huh. Isn’t that an example of cooling things?

But apparently when you’re used to having your way ALL THE TiME, and can pass one bad piece of legislation after another without having to deal with delays from the other side, it’s unacceptable.

Senator Casey needs to stop his whining and play by the rules that have served this country well for  years.

Read his message here.

And here’s his website  if you want to email or give him a call.

And Senator Casey– we haven’t forgotten that you’re up for election in two years. Playing these games isn’t going to endear you to anyone, at least not anyone who is paying attention.



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