If You’re a Fan of Chris Christie, You’ll Enjoy This

If you’re not a fan, watch and become one.

From Philadelphia Examiner.com:

Chris Christie, has not only become an Internet sensation sweeping the nation not only due to his major ownership of Liberal reportershis winning remarks toward a lying school teacher but for his announcement that the “day of reckoning” has come as well.

A lot of people in Conservative, Tea Party and libertarian camps that don’t have the pleasure of living in the Garden State and instead have to deal with governors like Schwarzenegger, Rendell and Paterson wish they could have a no-nonsense governor who is seemingly punching everyone’s punk card on a daily basis. Chris Christie came to New Jersey to kick Union tail and chew bubble gum: and he’s all out of bubble gum. Christie is now trying to fight public pensions that steal money from taxpayers and has sent Union guys like State Senator Sweeney  into the corner, crying.
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Make sure you watch the videos and read the list at the end of the article, that includes gems like:

  • Chris Christie can give aspirin a headache.
  • Chris Christie buys his Girl Scout cookies from Green Berets.
  • Santa Claus believes in Chris Christie.
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    One Response to “If You’re a Fan of Chris Christie, You’ll Enjoy This”

    1. Howard Says:

      As much as I love how Christie is slapping the unions and telling it like it is on budgetary issues…there is still something I don’t trust about him. Follow Mark Levin on FB and see all he has posted.

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