Egypt Uprising Due to Global Warming?

Never waste a crisis. Global warming enthusiasts are using the uprising in Egypt as an opportunity to push their agenda. It is being claimed that high food prices caused Egypt’s uprising and since global warming is responsible for those higher food prices, it is also responsible for the uprising. For a more complete (and ridiculous) list of things being blamed on global warming, go here: Things Caused by Global Warming (Warning: that site may cause uncontrollable laughter)


Political unrest has broken out in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and other Arab countries. Social media and governmental policies are getting most of the credit for spurring the turmoil, but there’s another factor at play.

Many of the people protesting are also angry about dramatic price hikes for basic foodstuffs, such as rice, cereals, cooking oil and sugar…Energy insecurity and climate instability have now become key factors in food insecurity, which in turn has become a key factor in toppling governments.

Read it here:  Global Warming and Egypt Uprising



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