Obama Inexperience Rides Again

Obama’s lack of experience in international affairs has produced nothing good for the US. He toured the world, kowtowing and apologizing to nations unsupportive of the US while snubbing or insulting allies. His idealism dictated treating enemies and friends alike regardless of the effect it had on US interests. It produced nothing more than scorn for his political naivety and it weakened US influence around the world.

His leftist distaste for championing democracy caused him to fail to act decisively during the uprising in Iran in 2009. He had no clear message to send and, consequently, was deemed to be weak by Ahmadinejad. Since then, Iran has brazenly rattled its nuclear sword with impunity, knowing Obama will do nothing. Chavez in Venezuela has followed Ahmadinejad’s dictatorial lead, North Korea has become even more belligerent, and Russia and China have determined that Obama is no obstacle to their nefarious affairs.

Obama now seems confused by the events in Egypt and, once again, is displaying an inability to act decisively in America’s interests – or act at all. Perhaps he believes the Muslim Brotherhood’s laughable claim that Islamist rule in Egypt would pose no threat to the West because it would be more democratic and broad-based than President Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship. Perhaps he just idealistically believes in the goodness of all men (except for conservatives) and is waiting patiently for that goodness to prevail.

The chances for a secular government in Egypt are diminishing rapidly. When there is chaos, those who are organized have the upper hand. Fanatic Islamists have been organizing for years and clearly want to reign in Egypt. Chances for any stabilization in the Middle East are dissolving.

It seems Obama fiddles while Egypt burns. Does experience still seem overrated?

David J. Hentosh


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