Murtha Chickens Coming Home to Roost

John Murtha, Pennsylvania’s one-time King of Pork (and Congressman), who passed away last year, was great at gathering earmarks. (You might read Murtha’s Turf, After Murtha from the WSJ to remember just how much money Murtha wasted.)

Murtha tried to turn Johnstown, PA, into a “defense center,” and wasted who knows how much of the taxpayers’ money doing it. He had the John Murtha airport built in Johnstown,PA. It  only has a three flights a day, (and about 20 passengers) all to and from D.C., and each flight — each passenger — costs the government money.

Yet, back when Obama was pushing the now-failed stimulus program, the John Murtha airport was to receive $800,000 of stimulus money to pave the backup runway. Since 1990, the airport has received over $150 million of federal (taxpayer) money–prior to the stimulus funds.

Murtha subscribed to the belief  that if one person dug a hole and another filled it in, you created two jobs. Value or need never entered the equation.

But now someone sees one of Murtha’s money-wasting “job-creators” as exactly that (a money waster, not a job creator) and is trying to shut it down.

From The Times Leader:

U.S. Rep. Mark Critz and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey released a letter they recently sent to the Office of Management and Budget asking to preserve the center’s funding, when they were asked by the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat about a Wall Street Journal report that the center’s annual funding may be cut by $17 million and downsized in 2012. The NDIC”s annual budget has been about $44 million.

Read the rest here. (Apparently Senator Casey  and Congressman Critz  (who are both up for re-election in 2012) aren’t proud of this letter–it doesn’t seem to be on their websites.)

Now, if someone  will just end all of Murtha’s other “job creators”,  we’d start to save some real money.



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One Response to “Murtha Chickens Coming Home to Roost”

  1. DON'T FORGET Says:

    John Murtha was one of the biggest criminals in DC and in his death he is still robbing from the American taxpayer. His student Mr. Critz who ran as a moderate (only to beat out the real moderator) is going to fight to keep these criminal taxpayer robbing projects going. This airport should be shut down and shut down totally. Maybe if Mr. Critz has any brains whatsoever he could maybe come up with a way to create REAL jobs in Johnstown instead of supporting this town on the backs of taxpayers. Maybe lower your tax rate and open up the flood gates for business to come to Johnstown. If you build it they will come…….its not rocket science Mr. Critz. The people of Johnstown want REAL jobs.

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