Senator Schumer Gaffe Brings Media Silence

It seems NewsBusters is one of the few outlets calling out the liberal media for their hypocrisy concerning the gaffe (or lack of knowledge) that Senator Schumer (D-NY) made in an interview on CNN .

In case you haven’t heard (because the leftstream media ignored it),  Schumer offered his definition of the three branches of government as being  ‘the House, the Senate, and the President”. NewsBusters rightly asks us to imagine what the reaction would be if it had been Sarah Palin who said this. It is not hard to imagine.

This is a glaring example of media bias by omission and it occurs on a regular basis. The leftstream media is blind to its hypocrisy and will pretend it doesn’t exist. It will assure us the gaffe was just an innocent mistake and not news worthy, followed quickly by a segment on the GOP’s need to distance itself from the ignorance of Sarah Palin.

David J. Hentosh



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One Response to “Senator Schumer Gaffe Brings Media Silence”

  1. Bern Says:

    Could be that Schumer and the new media do not know the three branches of government – Executive, Judicial and Legislative. Can you blame dumb people for being dumb?

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