UK Prime Minister Calls for Less Tolerance

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, gave a major speech on terrorism filled with the truth rather than politically correct rhetoric. He dared to say that excessive tolerance is a root cause of problems and that policies of the past had to change. He also dared to say that multiculturalism has been a failure and that citizens are losing their sense of what it means to be British. He called for European leaders to “wake up” to what is going on and re-think their ideas on tolerance. With views such as these, it is no wonder that Obama has been treating the UK coldly and distancing himself from our most staunch ally. Cameron said everything that Obama seems to be against.


In a major speech on terrorism, the Prime Minister argued that Britain has been too ‘passive’ towards organisations and preachers who poison the minds of young Muslims.

Mr Cameron said Britain needs to be less tolerant and more judgemental when faced with ideologies that threaten the country’s basic values…he  suggested that to ‘belong’ in Britain, individuals must sign up to core values such as freedom of speech, the rule of law and democracy.

The Prime Minister pledged to end all public funding for groups which give succour to extremist views. And he called for action to ban extremists from radicalising young people in universities, prisons and internet chat rooms.

The Prime Minister also hit out at Labour’s experiment with multiculturalism – calling it a failure. He says society has failed to provide a strong sense of what it means to be British

“So when a white person holds objectionable views – racism, for example – we rightly condemn them.

But when equally unacceptable views or practices have come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious, frankly even fearful, to stand up to them.”

Read about it here: Cameron Calls for Less Tolerance


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One Response to “UK Prime Minister Calls for Less Tolerance”

  1. DON'T FORGET Says:

    Lets hope someone sends this speech to Obama. This is EXACTLY what Americans feel and have been saying. You come her to be part of American culture. Americans MUST refuse to change our culture for immigrants. If they can not assimilate then they must leave. I agree any hate spewed against this country must be considered terrorism and they must be prosecuted. There was a time when an American would not even place an American flag on the ground or even let it touch the ground…now we allow people to spit on the flag and burn the flag. This is not what our Founding Fathers meant by freedom of speech. Our politicians have led us down a path that secures their political future but is destroying our country. THERE MUST be a ban on teaching political view points in our schools. Teachers are there to teach our children in the vain of their own political views. Bill Ayers is the first that should be fired. He is a criminal that has committed acts of treason against our country and he is teaching in our schools??? This is insane and this is why Americans are so unhappy with Obama and what is going on in our country.

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