An “Elite” Talking Down To Us – Again

Once again, an “elite” has decided to dummy-down the “facts” for all of us idiots who just can’t understand. The MIT elite economist involved heavily in the creation of Obamacare is creating a comic book (oops, I mean “graphic novel”) to explain how wonderful Obamacare really is. It has become obvious to him that objections to the health care bill are coming from the few of us who can read but are too stupid to comprehend, therefore, we need pictures. I sure hope it’s drawn in crayon so that the dumb, unwashed Middle American will be able to see the light, too.

From NewsBusters

Jonathan Gruber, a nationally recognized health economist who devised the economic underpinnings of Obamacare (Gruber hates the term), said his three comic-loving kids encouraged him to use the hip format of the graphic novel — basically an expensive comic published in book form — to tell the story of the complicated plan to 300 million Americans.

“I’m going to use the facts to tell the story,” Gruber, 45, told the Pulse yesterday. “I’m the narrator guiding the reader through the law. It’ll have lots of pictures and text.”

Read it here: Obamacare Comic Book



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