President Obama Tells Businessmen to Hire

President Obama proved in his speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on February 7th that he has absolutely no clue about how the business world works.

He went to the Chamber and told them to “get off the sidelines” and hire and invest.

Hello. Does the president think he’s leader of the USSR, where  one person digging a hole and another filling it in qualifies as two jobs?

Mr. President, “let me be clear.” (don’t you just love that turn of phrase?) Businesses do not hire for the sake of hiring or to help the economy. They hire and invest because they need to produce more goods or services than they can with the employees they currently have. They invest in equipment because people are buying more of their products than they can currently produce.

Businesses will not hire or invest until there is a demand for their products.

It is absolutely amazing that the president would go before a business group and tell them to get hiring and spending. I guess this proves, once and for all, that even the president admits that his stimulus spending stimulated nothing.

At least we have that.

You can read about the New York Times story on the president’s venture to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce here: Obama Presses Business Leaders to Hire and Invest



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2 Responses to “President Obama Tells Businessmen to Hire”

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  2. Karen Bracken Says:

    This goes to show you how really out of touch this President really is. He thinks he can waltz into a business and demand they start hiring people to help get him out of the ditch he has dug for this country. Sorry but this man must go.

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