Leeches of the World, Unite!

From the Washington Times:

Successful parasites like leeches and tapeworms have evolved to live with their hosts, not kill them. The reason is obvious: Once the host perishes, the parasite loses its source of nutrition, and it dies, too. It is a lesson that the lobbyists, the special pleaders and the other bloodsuckers in Washington have yet to learn. Rather than work with Republicans to reduce spending and deficits, the Senate and the Obama administration are mobilizing to halt GOP-proposed budget cuts that would keep the federal government alive at least a few years longer.

It’s not as if Republicans are proposing anything radical. House GOP leaders already have backed off their campaign promise to cut $100 billion from the $3.7 trillion fiscal 2011 budget – about one-tenth of what is needed to balance the budget over the course of a business cycle. “We’re a third of the way through the fiscal year,” say these supposed flint hearts, “so we really can’t cut more than $60 billion or so in 2011 – but we’ll get to the full $100 billion in fiscal 2012.”

But even this pitiful effort to rein in total spending by less than 2 percent is too much for SenateDemocrats to bear. An e-mail obtained by ABC News Friday revealed how a top staffer on a key Senate Appropriations subcommittee mobilized lobbyists and special-interest groups that might be affected by reductions to the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services. The Jan. 24 meeting, which drew about 400 people, served as a “call to arms” for foes of the budget cuts.

Read the rest here: Leeches of the World, Unite!


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