An Inconvenient Truth About Climate Change

In late January, a group of eighteen scientists (including Penn State professor Michael Mann, who was part of the “Hockey Stick” team, which became Climategate) sent a letter to Congress urging them to take a “fresh look at climate change,” along the way taking the opportunity to disparage anyone who disagrees with them.

Well, those disparaged aren’t taking this sitting down, and wrote their own letter to Congress, taking exception to the claims made by the alarmists and referring to a point-by-point rebuttal to them. And if the climate alarmists ignore that, there’s a larger report from 2009 that makes the same case.

And should anyone suggest that the signers of this letter are nuts or not equipped to speak to the climate change issue, the list includes scientists from institutions such as Princeton, Penn, UVA, Center for Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, U.S. Water Conservation Lab, MIT, and the American Association of State Climatologists.

It’s about time someone took a second look at “An Inconvenient Truth.”

See the letter here.



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