Arizona Gov. Brewer Sues Federal Government

It seems that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has decided that an “eye for an eye” is called for in her attempt to handle illegal immigration problems. After Arizona passed laws trying to deal with illegal immigrants, the federal government sued on the basis that it was the Feds job to enforce immigration laws, not Arizona’s. So, Governor Brewer is now suing the federal government for not doing what it admitted was its job. Sounds like a sure winner, however, we all know how courts and judges today like to re-interpret the law, so don’t hold your breath.

From AP News

Gov. Jan Brewer sued the federal government Thursday for failing to control Arizona’s border with Mexico and enforce immigration laws, and for sticking the state with huge costs associated with jailing illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

The lawsuit claims the federal government has failed to protect Arizona from an “invasion” of illegal immigrants. It seeks increased reimbursements and extra safeguards, such as additional border fences.

Brewer’s court filing serves as a countersuit in the federal government’s legal challenge to Arizona’s new enforcement immigration law. The U.S. Justice Department is seeking to invalidate the law.

Read about it here: Ariz. governor countersues federal government



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