Mitch Daniels CPAC Speech

If you didn’t see Mitch Daniels, Gov. of Indiana, CPAC Speech, it’s worth watching – or reading.

Here’s a link to a transcript of his speech:

I’m sure there were other great speeches to. You can view here, but need to register first:



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One Response to “Mitch Daniels CPAC Speech”

  1. John McMenimon Says:

    I thought Mitch Daniels speech was terrific! He laid out a compelling case for helping our country get itself back on track and preventing a castrophic debt crisis. I like that this was not your typical red meat political speech. He realizes that to get this done, the President (presumably him) is going to need an awful lot of support in the Congress. As George Will said, this is “Conservatism for Adults”. We need to stop acting like spoiled children and act like adults before it is too late.

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