UN Keeps Its Head in the Sand

Sometimes it seems that the world community and the UN are actually beginning to face reality. Yukia Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently said that Iran is “steadily” producing enriched uranium. At the same time, he said he is concerned that Iran “might” be pursuing military goals. What else “might” Iran be doing with all that enriched uranium? Fearing to offer an alternative suggestion, Amano stuck his head back into the sand.

By stating that “We are not sure if they are hiding something”, Amano backed off accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program because there is no “smoking gun”. By the time the gun is smoking enough to cause fearful doubters to act, it’s possible that cities in Israel (and, perhaps, other places) will be smoking along with that gun. This, of course, would be a prelude to the entire Middle East smoking.

Ahmadinejad has in the past expressed his desire to have Israel “wiped off the map” (along with his desire for nuclear weapons). This has been interpreted by appeasers as only a desire to have the “state” of Israel disbanded, very much like the former Soviet Union was disbanded – and gone from the map. However, we have learned from the past that interpreting terrorists’ words is risky. Most often, they mean exactly what they say, therefore, Ahmadinejad must be taken at his word.

The Middle East is filled with Arab fanatics wishing to eradicate Israel. Many talk openly and proudly of a desire to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth. This common cause is a bond strong enough to unite many groups having other differences. There is no reason to believe that a nuclear weapon, once attained by any one of these groups, would not be used to reach this common goal. It is dangerously foolish to believe otherwise.

The UN has long been dangerously foolish and very willing to believe the “Baghdad Bobs” of the world. Avoiding reality allows the UN to continue pretending they are useful in world affairs. Sadly, they are not and haven’t been for a very long time.

David J. Hentosh


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