Charlie Sheen – The Hollywood Addict

In a phone call to a talk radio show, Charlie Sheen, fresh out of rehab (again), said he had no intention of mending his ways. He proudly admitted: “I was sober for five years a long time ago and was just bored out of my tree”. Making even a bigger fool of himself, he added: “If you can manage it (crack) socially, then go for it, but not a lot of people can, you know”. That, of course, includes Charlie who can’t handle it.

Bragging about and glorifying drug and alcohol abuse is standard behavior for addicts and Charlie Sheen certainly qualifies as a typical addict. The irrational world of the addict revolves around drugs and everyone who does not take drugs seems odd and out of place. The addict, unable to fit into society, deludes himself into thinking his world is the only one with merit. Visions of grandeur can also invade the addict’s mind and Charlie is certainly exhibiting those, too.

Charlie’s “boredom” is another thing common with addicts (due to well-understood neurological effects) and it is often an excuse to continue using drugs. Addicts have tons of excuses for continued drug use and Charlie is no different. It is sad, however, that the producers of his TV show, “Two and a Half Men”, also make excuses for continuing to bring him back. It would be a rare, and much needed, display of moral integrity for them to cancel that show or replace him. Charlie has already been given too many chances.

If Charlie does not finally see the light and begin his recovery, he will die from his addiction. There is no other outcome for an addict as intent on self-abuse as Charlie seems to be. He won’t be the first and, sadly, he won’t be the last. Hollywood breeds and often encourages self-indulgence and that is an ideal, fertile ground for addiction. He has already lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong. It would be nice, however, if he would keep it to himself instead of broadcasting it to all.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Charlie Sheen – The Hollywood Addict”

  1. auntiecarol69 Says:

    I just went to a poetry reading 3/16/10 where two poems were of Charlie Sheen. They were basically making fun of his incredible doings. My thoughts , feelings were mixed. While some of the stuff was funny I felt like they were making fun of a man with a mental illness, namely bipolar disorder. Plus his drug addictions. Its not uncommon for mental illness and addiction to go together. Its called dual diagnosis. It reminded me of how the locals in 18th century England would gather to go to Bedlam to gawk at the patients in Bedlam. In other words, mental illness as entertainment. I wonder why Charlie Sheen isn’t getting treatment for his psychiatric disorder and why his family isn’t helping.

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