Chris Christie – A Breath of Fresh Air

Perhaps N.J. Governor Chris Christie is right about refusing to run for president in 2012. It certainly isn’t because he’s not ready for Washington. It seems much that he says comes as a breath of fresh air and with a rationality that is sadly missing in national politics, and he would be a very viable and attractive candidate because of it. He actually has ideas and solutions. The problem is that Washington is not ready for him.

The current administration in Washington has increased obfuscation and partisanship, embedding Chicago-style politics into the very drapes behind which they maneuver. The tone has been set and many sheep-like “representatives” have conformed. Going against the grain is not on the table, even though so many of them promised to do just that when campaigning.

Governor Christie goes against the grain naturally. He doesn’t seem capable of blindly following anything or anyone. Leadership seems to be coded into his DNA. Dealing with reality, facts, and what is best for the people is considered naïve in Washington, but Christie is far from naïve. He seems to intuitively know that Washington is not ready for him and that he would just be banging his head against the wall uselessly. Washington needs to clear the air before his brand of air freshener can be effective.

It may seem that Christie is over-stressing the importance of being “ready” to run for president, holding on to the old-school idea that experience is necessary. Obama’s election trashed that idea along with many other old-school ideas. However, that is exactly one of the reasons why Christie is an attractive presidential candidate because there is a desperate need for some of those old-school ideas about which our current “leaders” seem clueless.

N.J. will benefit from Christie’s decision not to run for president and the example he sets may positively influence national politics. It’s just that Washington desperately needs the fresh air he brings, and continuing the current stale atmosphere may make it impossible for Christie to ever decide to run for president. It would be a shame if this is a “carpe diem” moment for Christie that never comes again.

David J. Hentosh


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