Nanny State Reaction in Wisconsin

The reaction in Wisconsin to Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to keep the state financially viable is familiar. We have witnessed the same reaction in Greece, England, and France when the economic reality of an unsustainable Nanny State bursts the fantasy bubble of belief in those receiving entitlements that cradle-to-grave care is a “right”.

It is a consistent and predictable reaction when “assistance”, either from the government or unions, is taken away. Recipients become dependent and take it for granted that the status quo will not only remain, but get better. They become very indignant when you take away what they feel is rightly theirs. It is an inherent attitude in the Nanny State.

Last year in London, there were serious student riots over government tuition hikes for universities when students felt their “right” to a highly subsidized college education was being threatened. In France, union-backed protests “spontaneously” erupted when President Sarkozy embraced the cost-cutting measure of increasing retirement age from 60 to 62. In Greece, labor unions were outraged over the sinking government’s dire need to cut salaries and pensions, producing very violent protests.

Wisconsin is now emulating European Nanny States by trying to stop the flow of increasing expenditures it can no longer afford, causing the teachers’ union, along with teachers, to indignantly cry “foul”. Using standard fact-skirting liberal tactics of name-calling, demonizing, self-righteousness, and distortion, teachers and their unions are demanding to remain immune from the economical crisis Wisconsin is facing.

Deliberately twisting the issue, protesters are spinning wildly to redefine this as an attack against teachers instead of an economical necessity. Carrying signs comparing Walker to Hitler, some protesters are ignorantly and hypocritically inflaming the situation. Even the abhorrent tactic of dragging school kids to protests is being used by teachers to squeeze sympathy for their “plight”.

And what, exactly, is their plight? It isn’t the request for a contribution to the cost of their benefits or a limiting of pay raises. It is the effort to eliminate the union’s right to collective bargaining which would be a curtailment of the union’s power to bring school districts to their knees with excessive demands. I’m sure the school kids being dragged to protests understand this fully.

David J. Hentosh


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