Why Do “Conservatives” Hate Ron Paul? It All Comes Down to Isreal

From Digger’s Realm by Bucks Countian Dan Amato:

It has taken me quite awhile to figure out why there is so much vitriol hurled at Congressman Ron Paul from those on the right, Republicans and those who call themselves conservatives. I am not one of those die hard Ron Paul supporters, but I am also not one of those hate filled faux conservatives who vilify him as the second coming of Satan. His supporters are fanatical and sometimes make him look like a kook, along with themselves, and take the other tack of making him out to be the second coming – like Obama supporters.

For the most part the hatred against Ron Paul couldn’t be due to his stances on the issues – most of them are constitutionalist in nature and fall well within the mainstream of conservative viewpoints. For instance his bill to audit the Federal Reserve. He also stands for ending foreign aid, another conservative platform. However, this is where he runs into problems.

Read the rest here.



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