Where There are Cameras, There is Jesse

When two or more people pull out cell phones to take pictures, there is a risk that Jesse Jackson will show up. If there is a news camera around, the odds of a Jesse appearance increase significantly. If there is a news camera and people allowing him speak, it’s a certainty that Jesse will be there.

Wisconsin’s protests attracted Jesse like honey attracts flies. He never met a protest by the “people” against the “man” he didn’t like. That includes the Tea Party protests because he never really “met” them; he just disparages them from afar. Perhaps that’s only because they never invited him to speak, or because he’s convinced they are a bunch of racists. Anyone who doesn’t like Jesse is automatically considered a racist – by Jesse.

Jesse never fails to equate whatever event he speaks at with the civil rights movement of the 60’s. It is his “race card”, his free pass to all events he attends. This allows him to mention Dr. Martin Luther King, the man Jesse brushed shoulders with and came away believing that Dr. King’s greatness was passed onto his own shoulders. That is not the case. Jesse couldn’t make a pimple on Dr. King’s…well, you know what.

Jesse Jackson has become a tired cliché and, as such, should retire from public appearances. The black community never elected him as a spokesman so, unfortunately, he can’t be impeached or fired. He will have to make the personal decision to remove himself, but having an ego as big as the Goodyear blimp assures that will not happen. His ability as an articulate speaker is his only forte, and it is getting tiring.

Perhaps Jesse’s appearance at the Wisconsin protests will spare us all from a visit by Al Sharpton, another camera-happy, never-elected, stuck-in-the-60’s cliché. That would make Jesse’s appearance much like a bitter, but necessary, pill. It would sure be hard to swallow both.

David J. Hentosh


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