UN Impotency Highlighted by Libya Crisis

The UN Security Council has condemned the Libyan authorities for using force against protesters. That’s it. That’s the action taken so far by the UN against Libya’s citizens being slaughtered by madman KhaDaffy Duck.

The UN Human Rights Council is concerned enough to convene a special session on Friday to “discuss” the situation in Libya. This is the UN’s top human rights body which saw fit to elect Libya as a member last year. They, too, will end up issuing a carefully worded, and guarded, statement against “alleged” human rights atrocities in Libya. Odds are that they will find a reason to condemn the US, too.

Reports of Libyan military aircraft firing on protesters, confirmed by two Libyan Air Force pilots seeking political asylum in Malta, brought consternation, but not enough to have the UN impose a no-fly zone to protect Libyan citizens. That will have to be debated and voted on and then, most probably, vetoed by Russia and China. There are enough NATO bases nearby to quickly impose a no-fly zone, but “quick” is not in the UN’s vocabulary.

So far, Obama has remained silent and done nothing. He is caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue because of hatred of US involvement in the Middle East – hatred that seems to temporarily dissipate when help or aid is needed. Some are now wondering why the US military has not stepped in to stop the slaughter. That’s a strange turnaround, even for the Middle East.

In any event, Obama’s lack of action dovetails nicely with the UN’s inability or unwillingness to act. Together, they make a great rhetorical partnership, but sadly lack decisiveness. The US is responsible for approximately one quarter of the UN’s entire budget, but gets no bang for the buck – or even respect. The UN’s continued impotency is a good reason for it to become a cost-cutting opportunity for the Federal Government.

Maybe that budget should be put to a vote at the UN. I’ll bet they would act quickly on that.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “UN Impotency Highlighted by Libya Crisis”

  1. jonolan Says:

    He’s also caught between a rock and a hard place because Libya has a lot of oil and the Liberals (only one’s besides the Blacks who will vote for him in 2012) would be quick to turn on him and claim it’s another “war for oil” unless he also committed troops to overthrow all those other reasonably pro-American governments whose populations are also in rebellion.

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