Uh-Oh, Food/Gas Up 3.2% in Last 12 weeks

Funny how the government’s numbers don’t reflect this.

As reported last month, AsAMom.org has members gathering price information on groceries during their weekly trip to the store. They’ve been at it about 12 weeks now, and prices are up an average 3.2%.(This equates To a 13.9% annual inflation rate, although some of the recent price increases may be due to the season. We’ll soon see.)

A few big movers:

Potatoes: Up 9.4%

Butter Up 11.3%

Ready-to-eat Soup Up 10.2%

Vegetable Oil Up 18.1%

Regular Gas is up 8.4%, but expect that to up dramatically more in the next survey.

On the plus side,

Ivory Soup is down 23.4% and Onions are down 6.5%.

You can view the survey here.

And you can sign up to participate here.

You will likely need to join the group (it’s free.) Lots of good information there.

On a side note, Wegmans Grocery Store has committed to not raising prices on 40 food items this year.  The article appeared in the Times Leader.




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