Senate Democrats’ Leader Plots Government Shutdown

Since the government shutdown in 1994 didn’t work out so well for the Republicans, the Democrats seem positively giddy at the thought of it happening again.

They should be reminded that we’ve had several shutdowns before and since, and they weren’t a problem. The issue in ’94 probably had more to do with Newt Gingrich’s ego and Bill Clinton’s political acumen (and I rarely compliment him) than it did with the problems created with the shutdown.

If I were Harry Reid, I wouldn’t expect the same outcome this time around.

From the Washington Times, by Representative Darryl Issa:

There is no reason why the federal government should shut down when the current funding runs out on March 5. In a marathon, open floor debate last week, the House of Representatives executed its most important constitutional responsibility – to appropriate funds to run the government and establish the terms of their use.

Responding to the American voters – 65 percent of whom think spending cuts should be our top national priority, according to a recent Rasmussen poll – the House passed legislation shortly before dawn on Feb. 19 that tightened the federal belt by eliminating much wasteful spending and many nonessential programs.

In the end, the House cut $60 billion in government spending for the remainder of this fiscal year. Everything from the second engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to subsidies for public broadcasting felt the pinch. Republican and Democratic pet projects alike took cuts, from the Pentagon to the Environmental Protection Agency. No department or agency of the federal government was shielded from scrutiny and protected from the open-amendment process.

Regrettably, Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, intends to deny the Senate an opportunity to vote on the House funding resolution. Providing cover for Mr. Reid is President Obama, who vowed to veto the bill if it ever got to his desk. Never mind that the House bill would ensure that seniors receive their Social Security checks, our nation’s border security and law enforcement personnel would be paid, and our troops serving in two wars around the globe would get the support and resources they need to defend the United States and our allies.

Read the rest here.



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