Is Diversity in the Military a Priority?

According to an independent report for Congress, the military is too white and too male at the top and needs to change recruiting and promotion policies. Or what? Will the military no longer be able to defend us? Will the military cease to exist? What, exactly, is the consequence if the military does not become more “diverse”?

One has to ask why this report was necessary. It was certainly not because our military can no longer fight or do its job – or because it is being defeated on the battlefield. The driving force behind this report is political correctness with its blind acceptance of diversity as an overriding priority in everything.

The military does not exist to mirror society. It exists to defend the country, with force when necessary. In order to do that, the military needs people willing to use extreme force and willing to die for their country. Does it matter what the race, creed, sex, or religion is of those willing to do so?

The report bemoans the fact that 77% of senior officers are white while only 8% are black and 5% are Hispanic. The 2009 census showed the population to be 65.1% non-Hispanic White, 12.9% Black, and 15.8% Hispanic or Latino. Since the military has leaned heavily on education requirements, high school dropout rates help explain some of the differences in those percentages.

In 2008, the high school dropout rates were: 4.8% among Whites, 9.9% among Blacks, and 18.3% among Hispanics. This is certainly a huge factor in the current composition of the military where recruits come mainly from the youth. The only “crisis” indicated by the report seems to be with education and it should have been delivered to the Department of Education rather than the military.

Racial discrimination within the military is a serious concern. Discriminating between those who do and don’t meet requirements is a serious necessity. Politically correct diversity brings quotas and an increase in unqualified personnel. The military needs to be exempt from the PC game. That is best left to politicians to waste their time on.

David J. Hentosh


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