Look Out! Unions Plan “Movement-Wide Dramatic Actions”

From newzeal.blogspot.com:

The U.S. labor movement is going on a nationwide offensive to push, not only for the protection of collective bargaining “rights”, but also for a  socialist “wish list”  including an end to the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a “massive public works  program”, socialized health care, higher taxes on the “rich” and “international worker solidarity”.

In an Emergency labor meeting (ELM) in Cleveland Ohio, last Friday/Saturday,  labor bosses hunkered down to plan a national  fightback against the Tea Party driven GOP agenda of government spending cuts, balanced budgets and smaller government.

The unions are planning more than mere street marches. This is “not-business-as-usual”but will involve  unspecified movement-wide dramatic actions.”

Read the rest here.


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