PC Ambulance Procedures

It is continually evident that the obsession with political correctness is dangerous. In Massachusetts, it has now seeped into EMT procedures by means of directives from the state’s Department of Public Health, making political correctness more important than your health. The first question to be asked by EMT’s responding to an emergency is now to be: “Are you Hispanic/Latino/Spanish?” If you dare to raise questions about this priority, you will lose precious more time of treatment by being subjected to further dictated responses from the EMTs.

From The Boston Herald via Michelle Malkin

…the Mass. Department of Public Health has issued a new directive, “Guidance on the Collection of Race and Ethnicity by Ambulance Services.” In this document, the first question to the sick person is not: “Do you want to go to the hospital?” The first question is: “Are you Hispanic/Latino/Spanish?” To which the patient would most likely respond: “What the hell are you talking about, bub? I’m sick.”

But in Gov. Defal Patrick’s PC world, the sick person meekly responds: “What is meant by Hispanic, Latino or Spanish?” The EMT is provided with an explanation to read, just slightly shorter than the Gettysburg Address…

…in the actual document there’s not a syllable about patient health and safety coming first, or even last. This is about a sick obsession by the liberals with somehow proving “disparities…

Read about it here:  PC Ambulance


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