Judeo-Christian Values Treated as a Disease

Progressive ideology is slowly succeeding in its attempt to outlaw Christianity and its values. In countries a few years ahead of the US in this endeavor, governments and courts are finding ways to make this progressive nonsense into law. In the UK, a recent court decision poured oil on this slippery slope. (Note that the court felt it is a “duty” to promote and “value” diversity.)

From NRO’s “The Corner”

In an important case in the United Kingdom, the High Court held this week that Christian views on sexual morality could be “inimical” to a child’s welfare…Mr. and Mrs. Johns wanted to foster a child as young as five as respite carers for parents who were having difficulty…Early on in the assessment process…It was felt their views on sexual ethics conflicted with the duty to promote and value diversity…Derby City Council refused to register them as foster carers…The state-sponsored Equality and Human Rights Commission…argued that it was the duty of the state to protect vulnerable children from becoming “infected” with Judeo-Christian values of sexual morality…

The court made a series of statements to the effect that rights of sexual orientation trump religious freedom, that a local authority can require positive attitudes to be demonstrated towards homosexuality, that the Johns’ traditional Christian views could conflict with the “duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of looked after children”…

Read about the assault on Christianity here: Children Infected by Judeo-Christian Values


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