Congressman Fitzpatrick Defends his Vote for HR 48

Yesterday we commented on the passage of HR 48, which 54 Republicans refused to vote for for various reasons, one of which was that it didn’t address the Obamacare funding (to the tune of $105 billion) that was snuck into the couple thousand page health care “reform” bill. This funding means that defunding Obamacare just got a whole lot harder. According to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who brought this stealth funding to the fore, there aren’t many chances to get rid of this funding, and a vote against HR 48 was one of them.

Fitzpatrick has issued an explanation for his vote on his website. It begins:

In November, the Eighth District of Pennsylvania sent me to Congress to rein in federal spending and begin bringing our national debt under control. Today, I voted in favor of H.J.Res. 48, a bill to reduce federal spending by an additional $6 billion in just three weeks, meaning that we have cut $10 billion in the first two and a half months of Congress.  This is twice as much as the Senate Democratic leadership proposed for the entire year.  H.J.Res. 48 also rescinds all earmarks for 2011 and completely eliminates 23 government programs, including funding for the conversion of public television stations to digital broadcasting, funding for the 2010 Census, assistance to the EPA to administer non-statutory greenhouse gas emissions regulation, and 38 unneeded and unfilled positions in the House of Representatives.

The most interesting part of the statement comes at the end, when it says:

At a time when our nation is facing record debt and deficits, we must take every opportunity to reduce spending.

Since $105 billion is a lot bigger than $6 billion, and the future expenses for Obamacare are far greater than that, it seems like the congressman would be more concerned about getting rid of the Obamacare than a few things that even President Obama agreed should be cut.

Here’s a video from the Washington Examiner of John Boehner promising a vote to slash the Obamacare slush fund.




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2 Responses to “Congressman Fitzpatrick Defends his Vote for HR 48”

  1. Hezekiah Says:

    Fitz and the GOP are in fact cutting billions from the bloated budget each week.

    Consider: the Senate Democrats voted NO to the GOP’s $106 billion initial cut, so the GOP is doing it piecemeal by continuing resolution for another three weeks.

    Then they will ramp up the pressure again.

    The GOP has been in control only two months, and already things are moving in the right direction.

    With control of only one branch of government, it takes time to “melt the iceburg” ….

    The GOP is, in fact, getting things done. They cannot force the Democratic controlled Senate, AND the White House to immediately cut the stealth ObamaCare billions from the budget (they don’t have the votes in the US Senate) … so they are doing it the only way currently possible — piecemeal.

    Why should the GOP to beat its head against a brick wall just for principals’ sake when, in fact, they can outflank the Democrat libs.

    And that is what they are doing.

    • thomasjeffersonclubblog Says:

      Understood. However, Obamacare is going to add up to far more than the few billions that is being taken out with the CRs each week, and this was a missed opportunity to defund. If the Dems didn’t agree and the government shut down for a time, who cares? We need every bargaining chip we can get to get rid of this monstrosity, and Fitzpatrick and others let this one pass them by without so much as a whimper.


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