Mike Fitzpatrick Tied for Dubious Award

Oh boy.

From Phillyburbs:

An analysis of House votes shows that Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is one of only three Republicans to vote with his party less than 70 percent of the time.

However, in going to the source of this information, the New York Times, we noticed this:

By comparison, just three Republicans are below the 70-percent party-unity mark this year: Michael G. Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania (68.7), Dave Reichert of Washington (68.7) and Charles F. Bass of New Hampshire (69.2).

That means Fitzpatrick is tied in voting with Republicans least of all house members.

I happen to be someone who isn’t happy with the Republicans, but at this point they seem to be the only grown-ups in the room. The fact that Fitzpatrick isn’t voting with them more is troubling.



One Response to “Mike Fitzpatrick Tied for Dubious Award”

  1. Mystapitt Says:

    Now isn’t that what Gloria Carlineo was warning against? Oh well…he will still be painted as a hard line conservative by the liberals and Patrick Murphy will win the seat back…

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