Liberal Hypocrisy on Parade

Speaking in Chile, President Obama took a jab at Bush while explaining his military action against Libya. After ordering an attack on Libya with no Congressional approval, Obama insinuated that his international coalition was something Bush never had. The fact that Bush had twice as many countries in his international coalition along with Congressional approval was not mentioned.

Vice President Joe Biden is in the hypocrisy spotlight for his 2007 published opinion that a president who commits U.S. troops with no imminent threat to the country or its citizens and no congressional approval should be impeached. He adamantly assured everyone that he did not say that “lightly”, and his sentiments were echoed firmly by Obama at the time. How much weight do those comments have now?

Rachel Maddow (emphasis on “Mad”) is praising Obama for doing the exact thing she hated Bush for doing. One of her hypocritical rationalizations is that Obama “is not like Bush” in that he did not announce military action in Libya the way Bush did. Obama’s offhand announcement, refusal to get Congressional approval, and obvious embarrassment at using military force is all good for Maddow simply because it’s “not like Bush”.

The NY Times ran page-one stories about Abu Ghraib for 32 weeks in a row, making it clear it held the Bush administration fully responsible. Today, there are thousands of embarrassing photographs available of troops in Afghanistan posing with dead bodies of civilians as trophies, but the NY Times does not find it very news worthy. Will they hold the Obama administration accountable when, or if, they decide to cover the story?

Representative Anthony Weiner (NY-D), a hardcore cheerleader for Obamacare, is now looking into getting a health law waiver as an alternative that makes “more sense” for NY City. Weiner, however, continues to praise Obamacare for “how flexible the law actually is” while seeing if his city can “…have more control over its own destiny”.

Hypocrisy exists equally on both sides of the political aisle; it’s just that liberals seem to display it proudly like a balloon in a Macy’s parade. They make sure you see it, and then pretend it’s not there as if everyone shares the same blind ideology. Fortunately for all, everyone doesn’t.

David J. Hentosh


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