And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor…

Don’t know if you caught Sheriff Andy on Television commercials touting ObamaCare and how great it’s going to be for seniors once it gets going, but, Andy Griffith should have done some fact-checking before he signed up to promote the flailing healthcare system–for free. provides the facts on the ad, which differ a bit from those Sheriff Andy claimed.

The ad wasn’t free, however, and the administration spent $3.5 million creating the ad and buying ad time. The only reason we know that is because a Freedom of Information Request was filed. Apparently the administration didn’t want to provide information on the ad’s costs.

Given the difficulty that a variety of companies and organizations have had getting information from this administration,  (the most transparent in history???) a new website has been created by Crossroads GPS to list Freedom of Information Act requests and results. You can visit that site,, and see what else the administration doesn’t want you to know about.

Here’s a story on the Daily Caller about the new site. From the Caller:

“The goal of Wikicountability is to shed light on the practices and decision-making processes of bureaucrats in the Obama administration as they spend taxpayers’ money,” Collegio said.

Thank you, Crossroads, for putting this together.



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