Obama’s War and Denial

Brent Bozell at NewsBusters has an excellent column shredding the left’s hypocritical acceptance of Obama and his war in Libya and the media’s stunning silence about it. The purely partisan political stance by the media is accompanied by inane rationalizations in a desperate attempt to pave the way for a second Obama presidential term. One has to wonder just how much more denial can be generated and sustained during the next two years.

From NewsBusters

Think of all the militant anti-war types who were thrilled at the removal of the Bush “war machine” in 2008, only to see President Obama’s strained endorsement of military action in Libya…It seems like only yesterday when they were celebrating Cindy Sheehan as she flagrantly called President Bush “the biggest terrorist in the world”… chagrined radicals have watched in stunned disbelief while their hero Obama continued the Iraq war wrap-up on the generals’ timeline and then added more troops in Afghanistan…And now he’s started his very own kinetic military action…

…was all that coverage of George W. Bush as a Constitution-shredding global embarrassment just a convenient partisan campaign?… The re-election of Barack Obama trumps all. The news media will bury anything negative that threatens his return in 2013…The media know full well that Obama’s refusal to obtain congressional approval is a flat-out betrayal…Like their Democrat friends, Harry “The War is Lost” Reid and Nancy “Iraq Was a Grotesque Mistake” Pelosi, our media were the loyal opposition in the Bush years. It is astonishing to see them so shamefully switch their talking points so quickly and robotically…

The economy is in shambles – who cares. The country is broke – who cares. We’re in a third war now, and we don’t know why or to what end – and who cares. All that matters is that whatever helps Obama is the top “news.”

Read it here:  Obama’s Libyan War



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