Gaddafi Outwits the Politically Correct UN

Muammar Gaddafi may be crazy, but that doesn’t make him stupid. At the age of 27, Gaddafi led a successful coup against King Idris in Libya and established the Libyan Arab Republic. He has been in power ever since, learning along the way the means of staying in power. His military experience is real and he has no qualms about using violence to maintain control.

The politically correct UN, accompanied by a reluctant and timid US, does not seem capable of matching wits with Gaddafi on the battlefield. Gaddafi is certainly outmatched in weaponry and numbers and should be quaking in his boots about going up against such odds. That, however, is not the case because Gaddafi is not hampered with civilian, armchair generals attempting to fight a “humanitarian war” in a politically correct manner.

Gaddafi is using the UN’s ever-expanding rules of engagement to his advantage and causing extreme confusion for the coalition. When the NATO alliance issued stern warnings to NATO troops and the rebels in Libya about attacking civilians and promised to punish those that do, Gaddafi quickly armed civilians sympathetic to his cause and sent them out against the rebels.

The result is that there are rebels dressed as civilians fighting Gaddafi’s forces dressed as civilians with NATO promising to protect all civilians. This could cause NATO to protect Gaddafi’s forces by attacking the rebels but those rebels are dressed as civilians and, therefore, under the protection of the UN which can’t attack Gaddafi’s forces because they are dressed as civilians.

This is pure chaos. Infuriating the situation, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen, announced that U.S. jets won’t be flying with NATO forces over Libya after April 2. It is no wonder that Gaddafi has quickly regained the initiative on the battlefield and recaptured the oil port of Ras Lanuf. After two weeks of air strikes Gaddafi not only remains in power, he is gaining on the battlefield.

President Obama’s indecision on the Libya situation, therefore, is understandable. He has absolutely no military experience, has distaste for the military and military might, and believes in a progressive ideological approach to everything. His media-proclaimed “intellectualism” is no match for the street smarts of Gaddafi and, perhaps, Obama is smart enough to realize that – or maybe not.

David J. Hentosh


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One Response to “Gaddafi Outwits the Politically Correct UN”

  1. freedom fighter Says:

    At least Hentosh is smart enough to realize the street-fighter may best the street-organizer. Uh,oh.

    If Gaddafi wins what do we do, and if he loses. . .who are they?

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