A Message from TJC President Jeff McGeary

Dear Patriot,
Western Civilization is dying.  The people of the West are sick not only
in the outward conditions of our social and political life, not only in
the loss of the control of our destiny, but in many respects the very values
and ideals on which we prided ourselves, and upon which guided our
course and propelled the Western peoples on all fronts.
Western Civilization – including the United States – is at a crossroads.
And the question before us is:  Which Way Western Man?
To discuss this subject we have two excellent presenters who will
address this question with facts, figures and solutions.
First up we will host Peter Brimelow, author of the national best-seller,
“Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster”
and Editor of VDare.com.
Our second speaker will be Louis March, author of, “Immigration and the
End of Self Government” and Chairman of the Representative Government
Education Foundation.  Mr. March is a former senior staffer of Senator Jesse Helms.
Please join us this Wednesday, April 6th, 7pm at The Temperance House in Newtown.
INN’S RENOVATIONS**  The Temperance House
is located at 5 South State Street in Newtown, Bucks County.
I look forward to seeing you this Wednesday!
All the best,
Jeff McGeary
President, Thomas Jefferson Club


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