Reaction to Koran Burning is Pathetic

While the media and the far left (redundant?) refuse to be judgmental concerning the Arab Muslim community in the Middle East, the recent protests over a single act of Koran burning in the US by a foolish and misguided church pastor demand condemnation. Blaming the pastor is a pathetic reaction to a pathetic act.

Protests in Afghanistan over a Florida pastor’s Koran burning have caused the deaths of at least 20 people in the past few days and the violent rioting taking place is an overreaction that many are trying to blame on the ignorant pastor. It was the same with the cartoons that caused previous rioting. The rioters are being rationalized as innocent victims when it is they who are causing the mayhem.

It is an insult to the entire Muslim world to treat those rioters as if they are incapable of acting responsibly and controlling their anger. Yet, many continue to accept this type of behavior, expecting all to be sympathetic to their oversensitivity as if they were an uncivilized tribe of savages shocked by the intrusion of the modern world. That is very condescending, but it is a typical reaction from elites calling themselves “progressive”.

It is that same elite mentality that treats the continuation of many problems in minority communities as being above that community’s capability to comprehend or handle. This allows blame to be placed elsewhere and relieves that community from the responsibility of their own actions. It is very demeaning and it perpetrates a sense of helplessness throughout the community.

It is time to stop being non-judgmental towards acts of incivility and violence. We express outrage at senseless rioting by ignorant fans after NBA championship games, never once blaming the winning team or demanding that the NBA shoulder responsibility. Why, then, do we treat offended Muslims as somehow being less responsible and accept less civilized behavior? It is an insult to Muslims and it is a very misguided and damaging reaction.

David J. Hentosh

UPDATE: Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants US lawmakers to do something about Koran burning he says “triggered” riots, and his advice is being taken seriously. Meanwhile, riots continue while Koran burning pastor is blamed for everything.


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