President Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s appeal as a GOP candidate for president seems to be on the rise. According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Donald Trump is tied with Mike Huckabee for second place behind Mitt Romney among Republican primary voters. Is this the best the GOP can do?

Donald Trump does not fear answering questions with definitive answers. His interview with Bill O’Reilly produced some interesting views and personal solutions to problems, delivered with an honesty and conviction that is hard to find in the political world. Some of those views were somewhat extreme (some have called them goofy), but he was certainly fearless in expressing them.

The man on the Middle American street, tired of facetious, flip-flopping, and downright deceitful politicians may find Trump attractive as a candidate. Calling a spade a spade is an American trait that seems to be vanishing and Trump appears to be someone able to revive it. However, that does not make him an ideal candidate for president.

Trump seems to have latched onto the notion of Obama not being born in the US and is making that a key issue. With all the problems facing the country, that is surely a weak basket in which to put one’s eggs. It gets a lot of press, but it also portends a campaign of Obama-bashing. Conservatives looking to restore traditional values will not be impressed.

The GOP needs a serious, down-to-earth candidate with viable solutions who is capable of attracting independent voters. The press has attacked and mocked Sarah Palin enough to prevent her from being a viable candidate. They could, and would, do the same with Trump. In fact, they have already started. The GOP would be much better served looking elsewhere.

It is already getting late in the game and if the GOP does not get its act together soon, increased popularity could lure them into a Trump candidacy. That would be a losing proposition at a time when the country is ripe for real “change”. Donald Trump would certainly be a change, but change for the sake of change has already failed. The GOP can, and must, do much better.

David J. Hentosh

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