Statement from Mike Fitzpatrick on the Budget Agreement

From The State Column:

I am glad that Congress and the President were able to reach agreement on a responsible budget that makes significant cuts in government spending while keeping the federal government open for business.

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2 Responses to “Statement from Mike Fitzpatrick on the Budget Agreement”

  1. Greg Mitchell Says:

    Mike, this $38.5 billion is chump change compared to the battle to come over TRILLIONS. Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back for this recent “accomplishment”. We The People are still not satisfied with the spending cuts we’ve seen come out of Washington so far. We expect you and the rest of the people we sent to represent us to cut very deeply into our soaring national debt. I expect you to follow the leadership of Paul Ryan and others that are serious-minded about reducing government spending and waste.

  2. frank trenga Says:

    mike fitzpatrick, 38.5 billion dollar cut in spending is not significant in a trillion dollar plus budget. do the math, it is peanuts.

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