UN to Rescue Mother Earth

There is now an attempt to bestow upon “Mother Earth” the same rights as humans. Bolivia wants to put on the table a treaty that will have the UN recognize the earth as a living entity that humans have sought to “dominate and exploit”. With China and Cuba on the UN Human Rights Council, it will be interesting to see how “dominate and exploit” will be defined.

The good news is that granting rights to the planet could open the door for international lawsuits against Mother Earth for damages due to earthquakes, tsunamis, and other disasters. Perhaps reparations can be demanded in oil. Angering Mother Earth could become a serious problem for all concerned but the UN is used to appeasing angry nations, so this is well within its purview.

The bad news is that almost everything humans do could become subject to UN scrutiny, bringing indignant rage, endless self-righteous rhetoric, and toothless sanctions. Treating the planet as a victim and humans as nothing more than an evil parasite will get an international stamp of approval, but paying for its free health care will surely end up a US responsibility.

The UN, of course, will jump at the opportunity to deal with Bolivia’s proposal seriously. It may be inane, but it is safe.  Many Arab countries will continue to treat women as objects to abuse while China, Cuba, North Korea, and many more repressive regimes will continue to jail and torture whomever they please with impunity.

The UN has loftier issues on its plate. It must become a super hero and save Mother Earth from the disgusting human parasites maliciously intent on raping and killing her. It may be good comic book material, but it does not help the UN leave fantasy behind and face reality. Perhaps it is also a right to live in a dream world. Who really knows what a “right” is nowadays?

David J. Hentosh


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