Feel Good History

A bill moving through the California Legislature would require social science instructional materials to include the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, as well as Pacific Islanders and those with disabilities. This would require history books to include achievements by members of those “diverse” groups, most probably at the expense of traditional historical content.

History deals with events and achievements, none of which rely on sexual orientation for significance. Thomas Jefferson’s sexual preferences are historically meaningless in relation to his documented contribution to this country’s history. Perhaps the field of psychology would find it interesting, but it adds nothing to history. Forcing something into history books for the purpose of making a small percentage of the population feel good about themselves is foolish.

Make no mistake, that is the reason it is being proposed. A San Francisco Chronicle article on the proposition cites a young bisexual girl, Irene, in an effort to make that very argument. Irene complains that she was always troubled that her social studies classes “failed to mention people like her” or any gays, lesbians, or transgender people. This is no cause for legislation.

It should be, but wasn’t, noted that heterosexuals, as a group, are not mentioned as contributors, either. The same can be said for paraplegics, agoraphobics, misogynists, lunch ladies, dog lovers, vegetarians, children of divorced parents, Eagles fans, or thousands of other groups, all of which have been discriminated against (and sometimes physically attacked) by some group of people somewhere.

In fact, the inclusion of a small list of “diverse” groups in the proposed legislation is, itself, discriminatory and will, therefore, offend those groups left out. This will certainly bring the lawyers out of the woodwork. Bowing to diversity is fast becoming very divisive.

This progressive foolishness caters to the few at the expense of the common good. Oops, there’s another “diverse” group being discriminated against: Those still believing in the common good.

David J. Hentosh

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