A Fine Example of Government Stupidity

This video (at the link below) is classic.

Caught in a lie, the EPA employee becomes totally tongue-tied.

From Human Events:

Back in January, President Obama issued Executive Order 13563, with the stated intention of “improving regulation and regulatory review” for the many agencies of the federal government, including the Environmental Protection Agency.  Its very first principle declares, “Our regulatory system must protect public health, welfare, safety, and our environment while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation.”

Much was made of the “job creation” imperative.  It was President Obama’s top priority, and the first thing he thought about when he got up every morning.  In the original document, the period after “job creation” was a hole burned into the paper by the laser-like focus of Obama’s vast intellect.

Three months later, Congressman Cory Gardner (R-CO) of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce was discussing this very subject with Mathy Stanislaus, EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response.  Gardner asked about an “economic analysis” the EPA had performed on some regulations, in keeping with the EPA’s determination to measure their costs and benefits.  The following exchange ensued:

Read the rest and see the video here.




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