Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare

In Arizona, a staggering 62% of all immigrant families receive assistance from at least one government source; In California, New York, and Texas the rate is 61%.
Among immigrant families from the Dominican Republic an astronomical 80% are on welfare. Among those from Mexico and Guatemala, 75% are on welfare.  Among those from Ecuador, 70% are on welfare.  Source: US Census Data.

From the Moral Liberal, of all places.

Surprise, surprise; Census Bureau data reveals that most U.S. families headed by illegal immigrants use taxpayer-funded welfare programs on behalf of their American-born anchor babies.

Even before the recession, immigrant households with children used welfare programs at consistently higher rates than natives, according to the extensive census data collected and analyzed by a nonpartisan Washington D.C. group dedicated to researching legal and illegal immigration in the U.S. The results, published this month in a lengthy report, are hardly surprising.

Read the rest here.



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