Use of “ObamaCare” Derogatory?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the liberal pushback about the use of the term “ObamaCare.”

Any time the term is used, quick criticism comes from the far left about how “derogatory” it is to attach the president’s name to the health care bill he rammed through last year.

But if this is his “crowning achievement”, why wouldn’t he–and all liberals–think it an honor to name the over-reaching mess after the president?

These wacky left-wingers, of course, are the same liberals who freely toss around the term “Teabaggers,” when referring to Tea Party members.

That is truly a slam, and just plain nasty. It is the height of hypocrisy for the left to suggest that using “ObamaCare ” (uh-oh!) is at all equivalent with the pejorative used by libs.

I suspect this feigned outrage means that  libs are realizing, at last, just what a problem ObamaCare (Ack! I used it again!) is turning out to be. And, consequently, how the focus on ObamaCare (and again!) is setting back their agenda.

The bottom line is–Obama wanted this horrific health care program, and now he’s going to own it. Those of us who call it ObamaCare are merely making sure he does.

You might want to see what HotAir has to say on the subject here. (Includes a video of Jon Stewart blasting John O’Hara for using the term at the same time he refers to Tea Partiers by his preferred term. Hypocrite.)



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