A Message From Brian Land, TJC Club Committee Chair

Fellow patriots,
With support of the National Endowment for the Arts, federal money
– YOUR money, went to UCLA to formulate a new national standard
history book.  A few names and events were left out; small names
like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and a very small event…
the Constitutional Convention.

Heaven forbid that we emphasize the obvious:  that American

possesses a European and Western majority culture, including
our language, laws, customs, and most importantly the mindset
that has led us to becoming the greatest nation on Earth.

Under the ostensibly benign banner of “multiculturalism” and

its evil twin “political correctness,” liberals, transnationalists
and left wing radicals have successfully undermined elements
that bind us all together under the American Nation State.

The question is, will we let them bring us down?

If you do nothing, they will succeed.

We’re all busy raising kids and earning a buck.  However,

let’s not let the big house burn down around us!

We need people to occasionally volunteer.  We make

presentations.  We network.  We call (especially during
election cycles) and we show our numbers in front of the
public and politicos.

Contact me at 215-491-9494 or info@thomasjeffersonclub.org.

We need people on our Western Culture committee in particular
and the Thomas Jefferson Club in general.  Educate yourself
and help educate others.

Help us swell the ranks and defeat those extremists on the

left.  And make few new friends of like persuasion!

Brian James Land
Thomas Jefferson Club
Chair, Western Culture Committee

Upcoming event:
Wednesday, April 27th, 7-9pm – Sen. Toomey on the Debt,
Cutting Through the Liberal Debt Hysteria
Senator Pat Toomey will help us cut through the left’s hysterical
rhetoric on the debt ceiling. The facts are clear, and the Obama
administration is wrong. America will not default because the
federal government would have more than enough revenue coming
in to pay the interest on our nation’s debt. Join us to get the facts
before Members of Congress rush through any more “emergency”
measures that come at the expense of our children and grandchildren.
Event partners include the Kitchen Table Patriots, Loyal Opposition,
Lehigh Valley Project 9-12 Tea Party, Thomas Jefferson Club, 9/12
Patriots of Lower Bucks County, Independence Hall Tea Party
Fort Washington Holiday Inn
432 West Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Washington, PA


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