Iran is in Serious Trouble Now

Iran has gotten away with a lot because of the timidity of world leaders. However, the line may have finally been crossed with Iran’s recent proposed bill to criminalize dog ownership. This is sure to rattle the cage of PETA, not known for timidity, and bring hellfire upon the heads of state of Iran.

Perhaps porn star Jenna Jameson, who has appeared in several PETA ads, will be one of the boots on the ground in the PETA invasion sure to come. It will be interesting to see Iran’s reaction when she shows up wearing only boots. She is sure to be accompanied by an entire platoon of nude to semi-nude women who have appeared in many of PETA’s provocative ads.

Iran could be in for a sharp dose of twenty-first century shock and awe from the real experts. Neglecting human rights, killing political prisoners, developing nuclear weapons, and abusing women is one thing, but maltreating pets will not be tolerated. A sleeping giant has been awakened and PETA’s kittens could turn Iran into one giant litter box.

Hide any leather burkas you may have, Iran, because PETA seriously backs the underdog – or any dog – and they are surely coming. The bare truth may set you free.

David J. Hentosh

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