Planned Parenthood Harming Itself

An article in the Washington Times points out that Planned Parenthood’s repeated claim that abortion is only 3% of its services is very misleading. By Planned Parenthood’s own accounting, 97.6% of its pregnant clients in 2009 were provided the “service” of an abortion and those abortions accounted for 37% of its centers’ income. Those numbers make a mockery of the 3% claim.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, stated on the Joy Behar Show that millions of women across the country would not be able to get mammograms, among other services, if Planned Parenthood is not funded by the federal government. Richards knows full well that Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms; it only refers women to providers of mammograms. The attempt to frighten the public into demanding funding is a political ruse – and some would call it an outright lie.

Planned Parenthood has turned its focus on protecting (and providing) abortion. If abortion wasn’t repugnant to so many, there would be no need for subterfuge. If those espousing pro-choice (a very misleading term) weren’t so rigid concerning any limits whatsoever on abortion, the public outcry would lessen as would the opposing demand to make all abortion for any reason illegal.

There is a dire need for rational debate on this polarizing issue and both sides need to start in the middle where Planned Parenthood is not all bad and curtailing partial-birth abortions is not unreasonable. Planned Parenthood does itself harm with distortions and denials that are becoming blatantly transparent to all and fanning the flames of extremists from both sides of the aisle. Planned Parenthood is becoming its own worst enemy.

David J. Hentosh


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