Patrick Murphy Redux

Patrick Murphy is running for public office again. Rejected by Bucks County citizens as a Congressman, he has set his sights on Harrisburg, hoping to become the first Democrat to be elected state attorney general since it became an elected position 30 years ago. Bucks County will not be subjected to another run for Congress from Murphy.

Valerie Caras, a spokeswoman for the state Republican Party, asks the question: “How can people promote him to statewide public office when he was fired from Congress?” It is certainly a question that voters must answer, but politics is not a field where losing necessarily makes you a loser. Changing lanes on the political highway is commonplace and once bitten by the bug of political office, getting a real job is not high on one’s list.

Murphy, once again, is presenting his military service as an unquestionable qualification. That may have worked once, but that was when progressive liberals, hiding their disgust for the military, were trying to gain public favor after 9/11. It didn’t help Murphy in his last campaign against Fitzpatrick and it will do little in this campaign. Although his service is certainly admirable, it is no longer a discriminator.

Murphy has obtained several endorsements from Democrat politicians, but endorsements he’s receiving from several unions may not be in his favor. After the debacle in Wisconsin, independent voters may be a little leery, or at least tired, of unions, and Murphy will need independent votes to win.

Murphy may keep on running and running like a political Energizer Bunny, and he certainly seems to have the enthusiasm and tenacity to do so. Perhaps if he loses this race, he’ll give up on politics and utilize that energy in the private sector where he would probably do very well. There are a lot of Bucks County residents who would vote for him to do just that, but voting for him to be Attorney General is a very different matter.

David J. Hentosh


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